We define the group name ``ARRELS``
Customs, language, beliefs and hobbies ... are the roots, are the identity. It is what gives meaning to life project.
We accompany you in your day to day respecting your decisions.


Model of care focused on the individual

A new look at old people. Care model aimed at quality of life, people-oriented and their daily well-being. A rights, preferences, wishes and privacy.



The Dementia Care Mapping is a tool to recognize behaviors in people whose condition or disease can not express what they feel or want verbally. Lets act and provide the highest quality of life.


Committed to removing fasteners

To avoid the use of restraints and with the cooperation of the family, each case study and biography have relevant training, technological systems and custom creative methods


Non-pharmacological therapies

Basal stimulation

Groups for family



Animal assisted activities



Wii therapy

Menus personalizados

Custom menus

Commissions power conducted with family and where all residents participate with suggestions and choice of dishes, desserts … We made menus according to personal needs and preferences. Diet crushed with different colors and textures.
Made in our home, such as your home!


Geolocation system

o have a good control of the users who need it, we have GPS devices.